Coaching Along the Spectrum

In my nine years of experience, I have realized that I have a natural ability to help those on the autism spectrum and those are similarly neurodivergent.  I started in 2009, working for the Horse Boy Foundation (Now New Trails Learning Systems) as a consultant.

In 2011, I began independent practice while still working for the Foundation on a freelance basis.  in 2013, I along with other community organizers started a bi-weekly supportive discussion group, using the hashtag #Autchat.  Autchat has grown to become a well-known movement in the autistic community and has been mentioned by groups such as ASAN and TPGA.  TPGA even interviewed another cofounder in this post.

The work towards individual life coaching began in Fall 2017, wherein I decided to end my day job in IT to pursue working in devlopmental disability life coaching.

I consider myself an advocate for my clients and will work with parents and professionals as needed to ensure the best outcome possible for them.  When I can, I accompany them into the larger world, showing the pro-social behaviors and teaching how to cope with their surroundings and relevant life skills.

These skills can take many forms, from meal prep and household upkeep all the way to coping with large social events such as parties and workplace meetings.  I make sure to go just beyond the client’s current expertise, making sure to not condescend to them but also making sure to not give them too much to work with.

I accept clients at all levels of support needs, from high support to low support.  If you are at all interested in my services, feel free to contact me in whichever way is most comfortable.